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june 2019

back to the future & juggleR by phil dunn

80s season Supercut

Disclaimer: No Copyright infringement intended. Clips and music used for creative purposes. Content belongs with their respective studios and rights holders.

Phil Dunn.jpg

Judging by our co-founder's Stranger Things tee, Film & Chill got turned up to 'Eleven' as we celebrated 80s Season at Renaissance Studios!

Screening alongside the acclaimed classic Back to the Future, we welcomed back Phil Dunn as our featured filmmaker of the month with his short film Juggler.  Co-directed by Tom Bell, the short documentary is about William, a street performer who juggles on the streets of Chelsea. 

Providing excellent service towards our guests, Film & Chill welcomed our volunteer helpers - recent applicants to our organisation. We couldn't be more proud of them!


Once again, we teamed up with Sickle Cell Society to raise money on their behalf.

Check out our gallery below for our red carpet superstars.  What would be your red carpet pose?  Show it off at our next Film & Chill event!


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