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Hi Film & Chill, where is your cinema event located?

Our address is Renaissance Studios, 34-44 Tunstall Road, Brixton, London SW9 8DA


What’s the best transportation links?

Our venue is less than two minutes’ walk from Brixton Underground Station - last stop on the Victoria Line (Southbound).  If travelling by bus, then routes 2, 196, 415, 432 and N2 are available.


When do you take place?

We’re a monthly event with a brand-new film selection and independent film to be screened to audiences.


What are your operating times on event days?

We’re open from 2pm in the afternoon to 11pm at night.


Is parking available?

It’s advisable to visit Film & Chill through public transport as parking restrictions are in the area.


Is there disable access?

At this current time, unfortunately we don’t have access for disabled customers.  But rest assured we are working very hard to rectify this for upcoming Film & Chill events.

I’ve purchased my ticket, now what?

You’ll be sent an e-ticket to your email of your choice.  Please print out or have the ticket on your phone so it can be scanned by our friendly helpers.


Will there be food and drink?

You bet!  We have a wide selection of drinks and food available.


Will there be entertainment?

Yep.  Each month there will be a DJ to compliment the event.


I actually don’t want to come and see a film. Just want to relax. Can you help?

Sure – we got you covered.  We offer general admission tickets for customers.  Come grab a meal, drink, sit in our comfy chairs in our chill zone.


Can I smoke?

We have a small, designated smoking area. However, if there is no space, just briefly exit the venue – just show your ticket and event wristband upon exit and re-entry to staff so you’re accounted for.


How many seats available in the screening?

Our seating capacity is twenty.


Is seating allocated?

Sadly, no as it works on a first come, first served basis.


What time are the film screenings?

They will be advertised on the ticket.  Please arrive at least forty-five minutes prior to the screening time.  It will also give you plenty of time to enjoy the entertainment and, you know, chill!


During the screening, will there be snacks?

We wouldn’t be a cinema event without snacks! Complimentary popcorn will be served out to guests.


How long is the short independent film?

Roughly under ten minutes before the main featured presentation.


How long is the featured presentation?

Depending on its runtime, this will always be factored in to coincide with the entertainment (before and after the screening) and ensuring customers can leave in good time for their journey home.  Rest assured, any long running film will be finished before the 11pm closing time.


Wow, I love this idea and I’m a filmmaker – can I show my film here one day?

Sure, please head to our film submissions page for more information.


I’m not a filmmaker but would be interested in your services for group or party hire?  Do you do this?

Sure. Please get in touch for details and a personal quote.


Can I help and volunteer with Film & Chill?

Of course!  We love helpers.  Please head to our volunteers page and apply.

My plans have changed.  Is it possible to get a refund?

I’m afraid we don’t offer refunds or exchanges.  You can give to a friend or family if you can no longer make it.

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